2 Corinthians 4:17–18
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MUSIC: BANKS - Brain (Produced by Shlohmo)
BANKS, Sloh’s it down with a new beautiful track called “Brain” produced by the almighty Shlohmo.

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With God on your side, there is nothing to be afraid of. Our attitude should always be, “The Lord protects me from danger. Why should I be afraid? Though an army surrounds me, though they attack me from every side, I may feel trapped. I don’t see a way out. Medical report doesn’t look good. My bank statement tells me I’m not going to make it. But that’s okay, God is still on the throne. Nothing I’m facing is a surprise to Him.”
Remember, the enemy doesn’t have the final say; God has the final say. And when you put your faith and trust in Him, He says, ‘I will always cause you to triumph.” Be strong and be of good courage. Keep God first place in your life and move forward in confidence knowing that He is working things out for your good.
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One level can make a really big difference.

that’s somehow really inspirational
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